I walked in the darkness. I could not see my feet, nor anything else around me. Only the air was cold on my face as I moved forward in silence. I don’t know for how long.

I remember my life, the people I knew. I was at home, at dinner, on the couch, in the front yard, watching TV, walking the dog… and now I am here. I don’t know how.

A faint light appeared, illuminating a distant horizon. I began to see that I was in a featureless desert. The light grew large and white and oppressive. As the light grew, so did the heat. The sun was still low in the sky when I began to sweat. I continued walking, not knowing where I was headed.

I grew thirsty, and my thirst grew inside me until it was all my being. I saw shimmering lakes of cool water on the horizon, but, no matter how much I walked, they never came any closer. The relentless rays of the sun were burning my mind, playing cruel jokes on me.

I understood just one thing: I had to continue. Without reason or meaning, I moved forward in the sand, always approaching the imaginary water at the edge of the earth, but never arriving.

A pool appeared that was different in the way it shimmered. First I thought it was another of the sun’s cruel tricks, but this one continued to grow. After some time, it was there, just a short way in front on me, and I could hear gentle waves lapping at the banks. With my last bit of strength, I ran to it. I came to the edge of this body of water and knelt down beside it. I plunged my hands into the water, feeling its cold welcome, and lifted it in my cupped hands to my parched lips. I took it into my mouth, and then I spat the saltwater onto the sand.


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