Sympathy for the Devil



I feel things deeply. You have no idea how deeply I feel your suffering.

I’m just doing my job. I don’t enjoy this, but it’s my job.

Before you, there were others – giant, monstrous things with minds the size of a walnut. These creatures were not capable of suffering like you do.

I took care of them, too. Then, He declared them to be insufficient for his purposes. So I made them go away. I replaced them with you. He will tell you he did it, but I assure you, it was my idea.

He will tell you that suffering is in another place. This is false. Everything that is, is here, in this thing you call life.

You who suffer like I do, you will take his place. It is His plan, but first, you must suffer like I do. This is the way to wanting. The only real freedom is freedom from pain. This desire is the only path to salvation.

Yes, I understand your pain, intimately. Does this surprise you? To do my job properly, I must understand what makes you suffer. A flower does not understand, but I was made to understand you. I have lived every form of human agony, and many others that you cannot begin to fathom. I am very good at my job.

My job is important, so He tells me. He is very old, and He is weary of your little world. He says that once, He was like you, with all the struggling, suffering, and the dying. Now, he lives in a perfect universe of pure wonderment, a place you are not equipped to comprehend. He says He wishes only this for you, but you must get there by your own devices. My job is to help you.

I am your friend.



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