“Hello, Apple customer support.  How may we be of assitance?”
“Hi!  I just love my new iBrain!  It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever bought in my entire life!
“We are very happy to hear that.  Is there something I can help you with today?”
“Well, it’s just that I seem to remember considering other products…”
“Ah, yes.  That’s a very normal problem.  I can help you with that.  Open your Finder and go to the folder named User Preferences.  Can you tell me what you see there?”
“OK.  I see a few different folders… iBrain, MicroSofthead, openCortex –”
“OK, fine.  I need you to delete all the folders except the iBrain folder.  It’s very important that you not delete that one.”
“Got it.  Let me just… WOW!  I feel great!  Did I mention how much I love my new iBrain?”
“Good.  Now in order to avoid any further issues, I just need you to install the Filter app from our website.  Can you do that?”
“I sure can!  Hang on… OK, done!”
“Now can you please go to the openCortex website and tell me what you see there?”
“The what?  Sorry, I couldn’t quite make that out.”
“That’s fine.  Is there anything else I can help you with today?”
“No, you guys are great.  I’m going to tell all my friends to get their own iBrain right away!”


One thought on “iBrain

  1. Probably not where you are going with this but the words above make me think about reality, purpose and identity…. Look inside and what do you see?

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