The Path Not Chosen

Two monkeys were napping in a tree.  One of the monkeys woke up, poked the other one in the ribs, and said, “Hey, I’m hungry.  I’m going down to see if there are any good slugs down there.  Want to come?”
“Nah, I’m good.  I’ll see you later.”
“OK, suit yourself,” said the hungry monkey, and off he went.  He did find some very tasty slugs, but he did not see his friend later.  A girl monkey with lovely incisors had caused his thoughts to wander, and he eventually discovered that he had strayed too far from the tree where his friend had stayed.
Several million years passed.
The hungry monkey’s offspring lost their hair and their affinity for trees.  In fact, they had changed quite a bit in other ways, too.  They now called themselves “human”, and they held their distant cousins, the offspring of the sleepy monkey, in some disdain.

This story needs an ending… any suggestions???


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