The Warmest Bed

bedInto the warmest bed I crawl.
Now I lay here counting sheep
Waiting for myself to sleep
While deeper into sleep I fall,
Deeper into sleep I fall.

Flying sheep go through the air
Slowly drifting over fences
Leaping over all defenses.
Whence they come is not my care,
Where they’ll go I’m unaware.

Others followed close behind:
Dogfish, dolphins, mermaids too,
A Squid, an eel… their numbers grew,
And their bodies intertwined
As the creatures filled my mind.

There were so many I could not count.
Their forms were mingled and confused.
Some of them wriggled while they snoozed.
What had been number became amount
As into one creature they all fused.

The giant beast above me flew,
Drifting like a great balloon
Fuller than the fullest moon.
Above my head the creature blew,
And then I saw the Kangaroo.

The Kangaroo came down beside me
And licked me with its slippery tongue.
It smiled and went back among
Its friends up in the endless sea
Of life that was surrounding me.

All at once the creature shattered.
Antelopes, eagles, goats and chickens,
Aardvarks, alligators and kittens.
All these noble beasties scattered
As they hooped and bayed and chattered.

And in an instant, they all were gone.
No more creatures the room to fill.
All was quiet; all was still.
I could barely hear a penguin yawn,
I could almost hear a penguin yawn.

No more creatures to be seen.
Now they all were soundly sleeping
Being tired of their leaping
How many of them had there been?
I lost count at seventeen.


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